Allison Dorko

Small Society Academy
By:  Allison Dorko  2012

Smiling staff who really understand children.
Meeting children’s needs and building self-esteem.
Amazingly calm and in control.
Letting little ones bloom in their own time.
Lots of laughter and a great sense of humor.

Singing songs daily….that get happily repeated at home.
Offering chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, and fries from BK.
Compassionately caring for those with separation anxiety.
Introducing new skills at developmentally appropriate times.
Enrichment opportunities with Miss Pat and the Fun Bus.
Taking holidays to a whole new level!  
Yummy pizza on Fridays.
Appreciating all talents….and quirks!
Creative projects hanging throughout classrooms.
Always patient when potty training.
Disciplining with dignity and respect.
Encouraging little ones to try new experiences.
Making it easy to be a worry-free working parent.
You are like part of our family!