Ana Risoli

Small Society Academy
(Member since 2007)

As all mother's experience, it is very hard to leave your children with someone else when you first go back to work but I knew Small Society Academy and their staff was going to give my kids the best care possible and over the years I found this to be true.

Small Society is more than a daycare for my children, Justin and Olivia; it is and was a second home.....

They not only love the staff, but respect them and Small Society respects them in return. Small Society has patiently and lovingly helped them to become more patient with themselves, to be more respectful, polite and to be a good friend to others. My children have built long lasting friendships there. Small Society is so creative and is always prepared with some new activity for them to try. My children love Mrs. Donna’s cooking days, Mrs. Pat’s dance lessons, Fun Bus, special events, (Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.); their community walks to Shoprite and Local areas. For Small Society Academy each child is unique.

It was a comfort to send my son, Justin to begin Kindergarten this past September. He was ready and prepared to be in a classroom environment. He knew his colors, shapes, the alphabet, numbers and lots of interesting things about animals and the environment.

Thanks, Small Society! I know that Justin and Olivia are well prepared for any academic challenges ahead.

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